"Looking For THE BEST Southern Fried Chicken?"

Do You Love To Eat Homemade Fried Chicken?

At Halsey Street Grill We Cook THE BEST Fried Chicken.

The proof is in the taste!

YOU need to CALL 347.365.5075 right NOW!

If you don't take action now, you'll never find out how good our Halsey Street Grill Southern Fried Chicken Really Is...

I can't stress this enough - you simply HAVE to try it for yourself.

Due to the nature of our special Southern Fried Chicken recipe and golden brown presentation I don't expect it to be up in our pans for very long.

It may be ordered and taken by our walk in customers. So hurry.

CALL 347.365.5075 for pick up or delivery.

"Looking For THE BEST Southern Fried Chicken?"
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