Seafood, Wings, and Rasta Pasta Brooklyn, NY

Halsey Street Grill is a casual restaurant that specializes in fried seafood and Soul food Located in Brooklyn, NY. It serves fried fishfried shrimps and Rasta Pasta to the local as well as out-of-town customers. The food leaves the diners licking their fingers and becomes an instant favorite amongst Soul Food lovers. Our straightforward and simple recipe will take you back to the good old days.
The fried seafood at Halsey Street Grill attracts customers of all ages and backgrounds. You will see businessmen in power suits having a meeting over fried Chicken, construction workers enjoying a plate of fried shrimp and even young students chatting while they eat our fried fish.
    Come visit us at 444 Ralph Ave  Brooklyn NY, or 444 Rockaway Ave Brooklyn NY
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                                               Fried lobster tails and crab cakes


Fried Fish and Shrimp in Brooklyn N.Y.

Halsey Street Grill is your one-stop shop for delicious and well-prepared fried seafood. We serve the freshest fried fishfried shrimps and fried lobster tails in the Brooklyn, NY area. 
At Halsey Street Grill, you will find reasonably priced fried seafood that is tasty as well as healthy! From fried fish to fried shrimps as well as fried Calmari, there is something to satisfy every seafood lover. Our dishes are served with special sauces and side-orders of fries. Come visit our two locations 444 Ralph Ave which is located in Crown Heights Brooklyn, And 444 Rockaway Ave which is located in Brownsville Brooklyn.
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Rasta Pasta and Fried seafood is a Hit in Brooklyn

Halsey Street Grill has made a huge buzz there new location in brooklyn N.Y.
The word on the streets of Brownsville and Crown Heights is the Rasta Pasta dishes are amazing.
One customer told me she has been on line for 30 min to a fried shrimp Rasta Pasta. So I everyone must be having the same cravings, because the lines are out the door. Not only is the Pasta great the fried whiting fish & chips is also truly amazing.