Halsey Street Grill Soul Food At It's BEST In Brooklyn, New York

It's a bold statement, I know.

If you are looking for some good soul food then you’ve come to the right place.

YOU going to want to check this out.

Seems at least worth a visit if you're reading this.

Halsey Street Grill Restaurant we smoke our meat to give it an extra delicious flavor to savor. Grilling is healthier for YOU. Eat Well Today!

Halsey Street Grill Restaurant offers substantial stick-to-your-ribs soul food in Brooklyn, New York. ENTREES (comes with a choice of two sides) $8-$15.

Order Halsey Street Grill Hickory Smoked Ribs, Savory Mesquite Chicken and Steaks.

Are YOU Drooling?

Come See What ALL The Talk And Excitement Is About At Halsey Street Grill.

Visit Halsey Street Grill at 260 Halsey Street Street. (#26 Bus). Street Parking Available.



Halsey Street Grill Fax # 347-435-3477

Let us know what you want, where to deliver it and your phone number.

Halsey Street Grill Soul Food At It's BEST In Brooklyn, New York

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Halsey Street Grill Signature Sirlion Steak

Halsey Street Grill Signature Sirlion Steak

Lets Talk About What Brought You Here...

YOU Enjoy Eating Good Food And

YOU Enjoy Eating A Good Grill Steak.

At Halsey Street Grill we serve our in house cut sirlion steaks seasoned with our Halsey Street Grill's secret spices and cooked on the grill for lunch and dinner. Cooked to perfection...Very Delicious!

Try Our Halsey Street Grill Steak!!!!

We look forward to Serving YOU!

Love to hear what you think about our Halsey Street Grill Signature Sirlion Steak, too, in the comments.  

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Halsey Street Grill

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Halsey Street Grill 2011 Valentine Day Dinner Special

Have you seen this Halsey Street Grill  2011 Valentine Day Dinner Special, because...

it couldn't have come at a better time! 

Grilled Steak, 6 pcs Grilled or Fried Shrimp + 1 Vegetable Dinner for Two ONLY $20

Just when we needed some good news, THIS happens!

Check It Out! YOU will love it, too!

Happy Valentine's Day from Halsey Street Grill.

Don't Miss This 2011...

"Special Valentine’s Day Dinner Just for You!”

Thanks for all of YOUR take out soul food orders, food delivery orders, soul food catering orders and support in helping to get Halsey Street Grill to where it is today.

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Halsey Street Grill

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