"Discover Halsey Street Grill In Bed-Stuy"

"Discover Halsey Street Grill In Bed-Stuy"

Come explore Bed-Stuy and discover amazing take out grills and sit down restaurants to eat.

There are several authentic soul food grills and restaurants that offer intoxicating and intensely flavored meats and generous side dishes for lunch and dinner. Halsey Street Grill is one of the authentic soul food to go grills in Bed-Stuy.

And don't forget...

Halsey Street Grill is the home of the $5 Holla Lunch Special.

Don't Miss Halsey Street Grill...

 (Some Restrictions Apply) CALL 347.365.5075.
Check out this blog post for more details:

Halsey Street Grill $5 HOLLA

We are looking forward to meeting you in person!

"Discover Halsey Street Grill In Bed-Stuy" Sponsored By Halsey Street Grill

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