Halsey Street Grill "Fish Fry Friday"!

Halsey Street Grill "Fish Fry Friday!"

When I think about Friday I think about golden fried shrimp, fried cajun catfish, fresh fried whiting, fried flounder and grilled salmon.

When YOU think about Friday do you think about fish, too?

If YOU are like me and think about fish on Friday, too come on over to Halsey Street Grill for our "Fish Fry Friday"!

Let us count the ways to make a Friday Night Fish Platter.


Halsey Street Grill "Fish Fry Friday"!

"Soul Food To Go"!

CALL 347.365.5075

There's a Bed-Stuy Fish Fry EVERY Friday at Halsey Street Grill.

Halsey Street Grill "Fish Fry Friday!" Sponsored By Halsey Street Grill.

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