"Looking For THE BEST Soul Food Restaurant In Bed-Stuy?"

There's a lot of controversy these days who is THE BEST Soul Food Restaurant in Bed-Stuy?

With so many folks trying their hand at Soul Food nowadays, you really need an extra something that will help you distinquish yourself from the local competition.

Let’s face it there are hundreds of restaurants and grills in NYC that offer fried chicken, fried chicken wings, buffalo wings, delivery and catering services. Our grill and service is unique because we do what other restaurants and grills don’t do, won’t do, or haven’t even thought of...

We prepare our food the old fashion way with care and love.

We provide our soul food patrons with traditional southern cooking.

We set our standards high like the traditional soul food restaurants.

We stand by the belief that every customer deserves to eat a filling and satisfying meal.
Our customer rave and say Halsey Street Grill is one of THE BEST Soul Food Restuarant in Bed-Stuy.
So check out Halsey Street Grill the next time you are in the mood for some good old fashion southern home cooking. Mouthwatering dinners delivered straight to your home.
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"Looking For THE BEST Soul Food Restaurant In Bed-Stuy?"

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