Let Halsey Street Grill Help YOU Celebrate The 2010 Holiday Season

Imagine you are The One responsible for the food at the holiday office party this 2010 holiday season. You cringe with the thought of trying to please everyone.


On the day of the party you over hear your co-workers talk about your catering choice
and rave how fresh, flavorful, different and good the food items selection was for the party
and how delicious the food taste. They're all appear to be in a good mood, with satisfied nods and smiles.

The truth is your co-workers and friends have reasons to smile their palates, taste buds and stomachs have been satisfied with some of THE BEST southern cooking in Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in southern cuisine. At Halsey Street Grill we remain true to southern food-related cooking traditions.

You listen with attenative ears but you're not sure what to say to their praise and many compliments. Inside you feel very happy. Why? Because your holiday catering choice was the right one.

We want to help you make your 2010 holiday office party a success.
We want to help you with your next catering event...
office holiday party, office b-day party, office farewell party
or any other event you personally host.

Surprisingly working with us is easy (and certainly MUCH
easier than shopping, preparing and cooking the food yourself).
Let Halsey Street Grill Help YOU Celebrate The 2010 Holiday Season.

Here's what you need to do...

CALL Halsey Street Grill Catering Services at 347.365.5075.

Your party catering dishes are all affectionately and skillfully prepared by Halsey Street Grill Chef and Cooks.

CHECK US OUT >>> At Halsey Street Grill We Give YOU Catering Options.

Ever need a tray or pan of food for a party, we are the caterers to place your order.

We can prepare special foods for dietary needs and different occasions, i.e. office parties, birthdays, holidays, family gatherings and funerals, 


Delivering, catering lunch and dinner for residences, businesses and private events.

Read Our >>> Halsey Street Reviews and Write YOUR Own Review.

Give Us Feedback On YOUR Favorite Halsey Street Grill Soul Food Menu Items.

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