"At Halsey Street Grill Cooking Is A Work Of Art"

Cooking Is A Work Of Art At Halsey Street Grill

Let Us Cook For YOU!

Breakfast, Lunch, Luncheons And Dinners

CALL 347.365.5075

At Halsey Street Grill we offer YOU freshly prepared homestyle delicious cooked soul food meals delivered per order or daily or weekly to YOUR home or office using choices from our vast savory menu selections or a customized weekly menu, prepared especially for YOU by our chef.

At Halsey Street Grill we offer some of the best tasting soul food in the area for breakfast, lunch, luncheons and dinners. All our food is made from scratch using quality foods, the finest ingredients and is accompanied by fast and friendly service.

At Halsey Street Grill we deliver quality and affordable carryout and catering services.

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