I Love the Taste of Jerk Shrimp from Halsey Street Grill

Halsey Street Grill is one of Brooklyn’s top-rate soul food restaurants. People flock to this little gem of a restaurant to indulge on their delicious spread of zesty and mouth-watering food dishes such as the country style pepper steak, tilapia and fries or the country style meatloaf. But what pleasantly flipped my taste buds were the jerk Shrimpserved  with a side dish of crisp fries.

Jerk Shrimp

Halsey Street Grill’s jerk Shrimp come with all the fiery-grilled, finger-licking goodness that a properly seasoned jerk wing is supposed to be.

The jerk-spiked marinade is exceptional; it’s marinated at the proper time, with the right spices. When served, I can already smell the flavorful combined aroma of the marinade and spices.

Digging in, the jerk shrimp burst into a palatable explosion of flavors in my mouth. Each bite is heaven as I also use the wings to sop some of the sauce drippings on my plate. I finished off my jerk Shrimp with a little splash of that lemon garnish. This meal had me yearning for seconds.

And it’s just not me; a crowd of hungry patrons also rate the jerk shrimp from Halsey Street Grill as part of their dinner and On the Go choices. If you choose to have jerk shrimp for your next meal, you can also grab a choice of two sides such as cole slaw or mac and cheese. I had hand-cut French fries for mine.

Great for takeouts, these jerk shrimp will also go great at the family table, especially during Thanksgiving. Indeed, Halsey Street Grill not only serves sensational soul food, it also serves a taste of home.
260 Halsey St
Brooklyn, NY 11216

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